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At long last, dear fans, The Saddle Cats album, "Herdin' Cats!" has arrived.

We're really proud of this platter. The album celebrates California's momentous contributions to Western Swing, from the genius of Joaquin Murphey and Spade Cooley to the hot, high-flying improv of Bob Wills' Tiffany Transcriptions, likewise recorded right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

The Saddle Cats, featuring the nonpareil steel guitar of Master Bobby Black, are joined by the Texas Drummer Boy himself, Fresno's very own Johnny Cuviello, the original drummer on Wills' Tiffany sessions and long-time Buck Owens associate.

CD is $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.

If you wish to pay by check, please send the amount of $17.00 to "Saddle Cats" at

5216 Trask St., Oakland, CA 94601

Price includes shipping and, um, "handling."

Thank you!


From the liner notes:

Western Swing is so naturally associated with Texas and Oklahoma that we often forget that some of its most brilliant practitioners and spectacular recorded documents originate  from the West Coast. Yeah, these musicians were largely emigrants, blown like gold dust from across a parched, distressed Southwest, but here in California they found sweet water and laid down roots. And who could blame them? California remains a Golden State. 

Herdin’ Cats! is a tribute to those players who established a California beachhead of Western Swing – here on the Barbary Coast, down in sunny Los Angeles, and out in the torrid, hard-scrabble Central Valley – whose crazy, yearning, knocked-out sounds resonate to this day.

Featuring: Oklahoma Stomp, Roly Poly, What's the Matter with the Mill?, Mission to Moscow, Along the Navajo Trail, Whoa Babe, Travellin' Blues, Wrong Keyhole, Stardust, Twinkle Star, Who Walks In (When I Walk Out), She's Funny That Way, You Just Take Her.


Listen to audio samples from  "HERDIN' CATS!" by clicking on the links below:


Roly Poly

You Just Take Her

Along the Navajo Trail





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